How is Kleio
so incredibly fast?

The two main reasons for Kleio's speed are that a lot of engineering effort has been put into making it simple, and, secondly, that it is meant to be hosted by you close to your own application.

The latter reason has physics grant us an advantage:

When your application and ad server are physically close, network latencies become negligible. When they are hosted far apart, the speed of light becomes the ultimate constraint.

Let's investigate what this looks like in practice by looking at the life cycle of a sponsored product as your server renders a page (or produces a payload for an application):

  • 1 Your server sends a request for an ad to the ad server
  • 2 The ad server conducts an auction
  • 3 The auction winner (or winners) is sent back to your server
  • Your server includes the ad as part of your product listing

When using Kleio

  • 1 and 3 are both near zero as your app is right next to Kleio
  • 2 is also near zero due to excellent engineering
An image showing the components contributing to the latency of running an ad auction with Kleio
An image showing the components contributing to the latency of running an ad auction with Kleio

When using a conventional hosted ad server

  • 1 and 3 are both significant, often in the range of 20-200ms
  • 2 can also be relatively low

Latencies matter

Latency accumulations are significant. For example, making four sequential calls to a traditional ad server to display ads or sponsored products at various places on your homepage could delay its rendering by a second. In contrast, using the Kleio ad server has a minimal impact, often imperceptible, as we aim to complete ad auctions in less than 1 ms. When the ad server is located within the same datacenter, latencies are comparably low.

Greg Linden, a former engineer at Amazon, noted that each 100ms increase in page loading time resulted in a 1% loss in sales. Similarly, a 2006 Google study found that a 500ms delay in page loading led to a 20% reduction in searches per user. [1] [2] [3]

Don't fall victim to slow page renders. Give Kleio a try today!