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Add support for sponsored listings to your marketplace or e-commerce store.

The Kleio ad-server allows you to dynamically highlight and promote products from your inventory across any surface.

With Kleio you can tap into a new stream of revenue by allowing your suppliers, marketplace users, and partners the ability to pay to have their products more prominently placed.

The Kleio ad-server in short

Auctions to maximise earnings

Kleio runs second price auctions. This optimises the willingness of your partners to bid high, is fair, and maximises your earnings.

Targeting for high relevance

Little hurts a good user experience as much as irrelevant content. Kleio allows you and your suppliers to target promotions for maximum relevance and effect.

Privacy preserving

It operates by the principles of "privacy by design" and "data minimization".

Kleio does not require you to share user data nor does it retain user data. No need to be concerned about GDPR, cross border data sharing, or the risk of data breaches.


Kleio is a server-to-server ad server. This means your application or service makes calls to Kleio as you assemble the products you want to show the user. The benefit of this approach is many-fold: you stay completely in control of how you want to present your content, there is no shifting layouts as ads appear after the fact, and user privacy is preserved as Kleio needs be none the wiser about which user you are showing the ads to.

You own your data with live data shipping

Other ad-servers charge extra to provide you with insights. We consider the data generated by the Kleio based on your actions to be yours. This allows you to make sophisticated decisions and provide your partners with rich analytics - all on your own terms.

This feature is coming soon.

Hosted or on-prem - your choice

Whether you want to use Kleio as a hosted service or as a service hosted by yourself is up to you. Both options have benefits.

The hosted option reduces the complexity of your deployment, and is a very cost-efficient option. With this choice you always have access to the latest version of Kleio.

The on-prem option allows you full control over your deployment. You control the hardware and no data ever has to leave your premises. This option is optimal for organizations with stricter security requirements and that have the personnel available to run and maintain the required infrastructure.

Insanely fast

Slow marketplaces and e-commerce stores sell less. No one wants that. As Kleio sits on the critical path of your application it has engineered to be insanely fast. It has to! Kleio has engineered to be predictably and reliably fast. A piece of your infrastructure that you can mostly forget about.

Excellent ROI

Kleio is exceptionally affordable. Both in its hosted as well as in its on-prem variant. Having spent years working in e-commerce we are acutely aware of how important it is to you to guard your margins. We have therefore priced Kleio so in order to give you excellent return on investment from day 1.

The Kleio ad-server is still in alpha.

If you want to try it out, you can: