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Kleio A hand-drawn illustration of a shooting star

Add support for promoted products

Whether you run an e-commerce site, a marketplace, or a search engine: Boost your revenues with the Kleio ad server.

Kleio optimizes the inventory that is shown, allowing for dynamic ad insertion and product promotion.

Ready to use APIs

Your building block for promotions

Kleio provides a set of well-designed APIs for integrating promotions or sponsored products into your services. You get access to strong technical foundations, supporting real-time auctions at scale.

Seamless integration

Kleio runs in the background. You are in full control over how, where, and if ads are shown. No lag or jarring layout shifts.

Hosted or in the Cloud

Kleio can be self-hosted for full control, or you can rely on our distributed deployment for ease of use and no maintenance.

Blazingly fast

Slow sites don't sell. As Kleio is on the critical path for your page renders we take latency very seriously. You won't notice us at all.