Integrating with

Meilisearch is a fast and accurate search engine that you can either self-host or let Meilisearch host for you. The Kleio ad server is also both fast and accurate. One could say the two are a match made in heaven. For that reason, Kleio offers support for Meilisearch out of the box.

If you want to get started immediately, you can check out the documentation! for all the details and a demo.

While the Kleio ad server can be integrated with any product listing or search engine, the built-in integration makes using Meilisearch together with Kleio particularly easy and fast.

When using the integration, Kleio acts as a proxy between your search interface and Meilisearch. This way your search results get sent through the ad auction machinery entirely transparently to your application and any relevant ads get injected straight into the search results. Relevancy, always key to a good search experience, is assured by only considering ads that Meilisearch deems relevant to the search query.

How it works

The integration is mostly plug-and-play. Where you previously pointed your search interface directly at an endpoint of Meilisearch, you instead point it at Kleio.

An image showing the components contributing to the latency of running an ad auction, contrasting how it's done by Kleio and regular ad-servers

When your application performs a search 1 Kleio intercepts the request and forwards it to Meilisearch 2 . The search results returned by back 3 are intercepted and understood by Kleio, and an ad auction is run to determine if any of the search results should be promoted into an ad and receive a favorable placement 4 . The final results are returned back to your application 5 and look exactly like those you would get from Meilisearch, with the exception that the results that have been upgraded to an ad contain some additional properties allowing you to highlight them as appropriate and track whether someone interacts with the ad.

It should be noted that you are, as is always the case when using Kleio, still responsible for providing the interface for creating and managing your ad inventory.

* The copyright to Meilisearch and the Meilisearch logo belong to Meilisearch.