API Documentation

The Kleio ad server lets you add sponsored content to your service. Irrespective of whether you have an e-commerce shop, a marketplace, or a search engine – Kleio can be used to inject sponsored content.

You might have found this documentation either as part of your local installation of Kleio, or online at kle.io/docs. The former is ideal if you already have a running instance of Kleio as the descriptions match the capabilities of your installation. The latter is better if you are just looking to get acquainted with what features Kleio offers. Please make sure you are reading the docs most appropriate to your case.

API endpoints


Learn about the ad model and how to create, update, delete, and list existing ads and see their performance.


Learn about how products and ads relate, and how to retrieve all products in the system.


Learn about how auctions work, and how you can meet complex needs through targeting and concurrent auctions.


Learn about the importance of correct tracking and how impressions and conversions are defined.