How is Kleio
so affordable?

We do not offer Kleio as a service. If you choose to buy and use Kleio, you take part in a trade the way commercial software used to be sold: You buy it, you own it, and you run it.

We believe Kleio is priced just right. It's intended to be cheap enough that you can quickly start using it without having to get approval from your finance department.

The Catch

Purchasing Kleio is a one-time transaction. Consequently, we only provide basic support. This means we can assist with straightforward issues, but we're not equipped to handle complex custom setups or offer on-call services.

For more comprehensive assistance, our Enterprise plan offers ongoing support, though it may not match the extensive "Customer Success" teams found at larger companies.

Moreover, Kleio isn't an "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (an egg-laying wool-milk-pig, as Germans would say) — it's not a solution that can handle every possible task. Please review the PRO/CONs list to determine if Kleio aligns with your organization's needs.

99% cheaper

We claim that Kleio is 99% cheaper than a comparable hosted ad server. This is a bold claim. It's true as long as the feature set you need matches that of Kleio. Assuming this is the case, we can justify the claim by looking at the total cost of ownership for the first and subsequent years of using Kleio compared to a traditional hosted ad server.

In the table below we compare with the Kevel ad-server. The table would look similar if other ad servers were used.

Traditional hosted ad servers typically charge a base fee in addition to a fee per ad decision (an auction in the context of Kleio). Our fee structure differs significantly, but by listing the operational and capital expenses associated with running Kleio, we can get comparable numbers:

Kleio Pro Kleio Enterprise Kevel
Initial purchase
€450 *
Licensing costs /year
€5400 *
€100 000 *
Auctions included
Additional auctions
additional cost
Hosting costs /mth
€20 **
€20 **
Customer success representative, etc
Total costs year one
€690 (99.3% saved)
€5640 (94.3% saved)
€100 000
Total costs subsequent years
€240 (99.7% saved)
€5640 (94.3% saved)
€100 000

* or equivalent in your currency.

** the hosting costs used in the example above are made up of cloud servers hosted in Germany at Hetzner. The setup would include two application servers (CX11 – €4.5/mth), one database server (CX11 – €4.5/mth), and a load balancer (LB11 – €6.5/mth).

It should be noted that this setup is extremely overpowered for serving as few as 50 million yearly requests. If your traffic is predictable and not particularly spikey, you might very well get away with using a single CX11 server for €4.5 per month.